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Conveyancing costs for the sale of a property are costs and fees payable during the course of the sale process.  A property sale is a legal conveyancing transaction which involves the legal transfer of ownership from one party to another party.

Conveyancing costs for selling a property will in most cases be made up of conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers legal fees for acting on behalf of the seller and any current mortgage lender plus legal disbursements (third party payments).

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Conveyancing Costs for Selling a Property - What are they?

  • Legal Fees - Your conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors labour charges for acting for you and (where applicable) your mortgage lender.  Legal Fees will normally attract vat.
  • Legal Disbursements - Fees paid to third parties (mostly to government departments) for items or information needed during the course of the conveyancing for your sale.

Selling a Property - Legal Disbursements

You should be aware of the following things that may be incurred as legal disbursements during the conveyancing process for selling your property:

Land Registry Documents

  • Office Copies - For registered property an Official Copy Entry together with a copy of the filed plan will be required.  The cost is usual less than £10.00.
  • Office Copy Documents - Where further deeds or documents affect the title to the property - costs are between £5.00 and £20.00 depending on what is required

Planning/Local Authority/Guarantees/Other Documents

In some instances it may be that the buyer’s conveyancing solicitors request further documentary evidence in relation to title issues that are required to be obtained from third parties such as the Local Authority.  Costs will vary depending what is required and where it is required from.  This kind of requirement is likely to increase conveyancing costs.

Other Disbursements

In some instances the buyer’s conveyancing solicitors may not accept the title to the property in its current form or not consider it acceptable for the buyer’s mortgage lender.  In such cases it is necessary for both your own and the buyers conveyancing solicitors to find solutions acceptable to both seller and buyer and any mortgage lender in order to allow the sale of the property to proceed.    In such cases it is common for legal indemnity policies (insurance policies) to be used.  The costs vary depending on the type of legal indemnity policy required and the amount of work involved in the negotiations and arrangements.  This kind of requirement will generally increase the conveyancing costs.

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