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Conveyancing costs for a Remortgage conveyancing transaction consist of costs and fees required during the course of the conveyancing process.  A Remortgage is a legal conveyancing transaction which usually involves the repayment of a mortgage whilst simultaneously with obtaining a new mortgage. 

Conveyancing costs for remortgaging a property will normally consist of the conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers legal fees plus disbursements (third party payments).

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Remortgage Conveyancing Costs - What will I pay?

  • Conveyancing Legal Fees - Conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors labour costs for acting on your behalf and on behalf of both the outgoing and new mortgage lender.   Conveyancing Legal Fees will normally attract vat in addition to the fee itself.
  • Legal Disbursements - Costs and charges paid to third parties (mostly to government departments) for services needed by your conveyancing solicitors in order to carry out your remortgage.

Remortgage Disbursements - What are they and when will they be needed?

Disbursements incurred when Remortgaging a property may include:

Conveyancing Searches

Remortgage conveyancing transactions often to not require searches to be carried out.  Many mortgage lenders waive the requirement for updated search results when lending in remortgage (as opposed to purchase) conveyancing transactions. 

Some mortgage lenders may require searches but also accept legal indemnity policies (insurance policies) which cost less but provide the mortgage lender with protection against adverse search results.  This arrangement can prove a cost effective alternative to carry out new conveyancing searches.  Your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers will advise you of your mortgage lenders requirements.

In instances where your new mortgage lender insists on conveyancing searches being carried out the most common conveyancing searches required are:

  • Local Search
  • Drainage and Water Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Chancel Check
  • Coal Authority Search

Generally, conveyancing searches cost between £100 and £200 depending on the specific property however London Boroughs tend to charge more for the Local Search.  The cost of the local authority search can usually be confirmed by local authority.  Conveyancing solicitors using a Law Society recommended NLIS provider (an online provider for speed, efficiency and quality purposes) will normally have to pay a small hub fee as well.

Land Registry Documents

  • Office Copies - For registered property an Official Copy Entry together with a copy of the filed plan will be required.  The cost is £6.00 in total.
  • Office Copy Documents - Where further deeds or documents affect the title to the property - costs are between £5.00 and £20.00 depending on what is require.
  • Land Registry and Land Charges Search - The Land Registry Search freezes the property register pending removal of the outgoing mortgage and registration of the new mortgage - this costs £3.00.  A bankruptcy or land charges search is required against each person - using Land Registry Direct these searches cost £2.00 per person

Land Registration Fee

The Land Registry is the government department that deals with the ownership of property and land in England and Wales.  Following completion of your remortgage the new mortgage must be registered with the Land Registry.  For remortgage conveyancing transactions the land registration fee is charged in accordance with The Land Registry Fee Scale 2

The Land Registry Fee Scale 2
Purchase price of Property £’s Land Registry Fee
0 -100,000 £50
100,001 - 200,000 £70
200,001 - 500,000 £90
500,001 - 1,000,000 £130
1,000,001 and above £260

The amount payable for the land registry fee in a remortgage conveyancing transaction is dependent on the amount the new mortgage is for.

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