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Conveyancing is the legal term used, in England and Wales, to denote the process undertaken in relation the transfer of ownership of a property, such as a property sale and purchase.  The conveyancing process for the sale and purchase of a property is both legal and administrative in nature.

Often, the word conveyancing will first be encountered by property buyers and sellers when an estate agent takes the opportunity to recommend their chosen Conveyancing Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers.  In many cases such recommendations are due to the size of the referral fee the conveyancers are willing to pay to the estate agent for your business and not due to the service levels or cost.

Conveyancing Solicitors or specific property lawyers called Licensed Conveyancers deal with most sale and purchase matters on behalf of conveyancing clients and mortgage lenders. 

Conveyancing Process Explained - Sale and Purchase

Conveyancing when dealing with a linked sale and purchase transaction is complicated.

The buyers of the sale property will instruct their own conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers to act for them and the seller’s of the purchase property will also instruct conveyancers to deal with their sale to you.  This means that a small chain has already formed which may end up considerably longer.

Due to potential conflicts of interest it will not be acceptable for a conveyancing solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers to represent both buyers and sellers in a conveyancing transaction relating to the same property, therefore when buying and selling a property simultaneously it is impossible to avoid the “chain” situation.

The sale and purchase conveyancing process will begin when the conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers are instructed to proceed following acceptance of the conveyancing quote for selling and buying conveyancing costs.

Conveyancing Buying and Selling Explained

The conveyancing sale and purchase process differs from the conveyancing process for either just buying a property or dealing with a property sale in isolation. 
It is essential that your conveyancing solicitors consider the timing of the two matters to ensure the various stages of the sale and purchase conveyancing process coincide in order that for instance the sale does not progress significantly ahead of the purchase conveyancing.  

When buying and selling a property your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers act to safeguard your interest in sale property and protect your investment in relation to the purchase property. 

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Conveyancing Solicitors Sale and Purchase Explained

Conveyancing solicitors have various tasks and duties to carry out including providing clear and correct legal advice during the conveyancing for your sale and purchase.   Conveyancers duties include dealing with the Home Information Pack (HIPs), Contract, Enquiries and Mortgage Lenders (where applicable) in addition to managing the chain. 

For a more detailed explanation of the conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers role in your property sale and purchase transaction see our dedicated page:

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Conveyancing Quotes for Buying and Selling a Property

Conveyancing fees and Conveyancing costs likely to be incurred during the course of the conveyancing for your sale and purchase are discussed in more detail at:

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