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Conveyancing Fees are essentially costs and charges payable during the course of a property or land transaction. Conveyancing is the term used to describe legal dealings with property or land and conveyancing transactions include house or flat sales, purchases, remortgages or transfers amongst others.

Whenever an individual chooses to buy, sell, transfer or re-finance a property or land conveyancing fees in one form or another will be paid during the course of the conveyancing transaction. This will apply whether a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitors firm deals with the conveyancing transaction or whether you opt for the do-it-yourself conveyancing approach.

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What do Conveyancing Fees include?

Conveyancing Fees consist of two types of conveyancing costs: 

  • Legal Fees are conveyancing fees that are charged by the chosen conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers. Legal fees can be equated to a tradesman’s labour charges and are normally subject to vat. 
  • Disbursements are third party costs that are payable to various government departments or private organisations in exchange for information or services.  These can be equated to a tradesman’s charges for parts.

Together, Legal Fees and Disbursements form the total amount payable for Conveyancing Fees.

What should I expect to pay for Conveyancing Fees?

The amount you should expect to pay for conveyancing fees will vary depending on:

  • The type of conveyancing transaction. As a general rule, buying a property will usually cost more than a property sale, remortgage or transfer of equity however if matters get difficult this may not always be the case.
  • The chosen Conveyancing Solicitors or Conveyancers. Conveyancing Solicitors legal fees vary from firm to firm and with conveyancing services also provided by Licensed Conveyancers legal fees can vary by a considerable extent. 
  • Where your conveyancing Solicitors or Conveyancers are based in the country. Regional variations in conveyancing fees exist with conveyancing practises in London and the South East often charging up to three times the amount when compared to legal fees charged by conveyancing solicitors in other areas.
  • Whether your Conveyancing Solicitors or Conveyancers are paying a Referral Fee/Commission for the conveyancing work. Some conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers pay referral fees to other property professionals such as Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders and in the online conveyancing world to conveyancing quote comparison sites and legal services brokers.
  • The type of Conveyancing Practise chosen to carry out your legal conveyancing work. Local High Street Multi Disciplinary Solicitors Practices can be more expensive than Specialist Conveyancing Solicitors firms or Licensed Conveyancers that choose to provide only property and conveyancing legal services.
  • Other factors such as how your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers carry out their work - for instance traditional methods where a conveyancing solicitor works with a secretary is more expensive than a modern firm with a conveyancing solicitor heading a conveyancing process employing the use of technology to improve efficiency and control costs.
  • The complexity of your conveyancing transaction. As with everything in life, conveyancing is as unpredictable and each conveyancing transaction is subject to its own individual circumstances.  If your conveyancing transaction is very complex, urgent, time consuming or difficult, additional legal fees and disbursements may well be incurred.

The BBC website suggests average prices for conveyancing fees to be around £550.00 on a nationwide basis with considerable regional variations, usually London and surrounding areas are the most costly.

Conveyancing Fees Information:

Evolved Conveyancing provide a specialist online conveyancing service to our clients throughout England and Wales. We offer low cost, budget conveyancing legal fees and find on average our clients pay between £350 and £450 for legal fees (not including disbursements) representing significant savings on the national average. With no need to attend our offices and all documents sent by email or post we can provide our clients with a cost effective, value for money conveyancing service wherever they are based. Our conveyancing quotes are costs estimates which ensure you only ever pay fees for services you require on an individual basis.

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