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Conveyancing Fees are the costs incurred during the course of buying or selling a property (the Conveyancing process). To obtain an estimate of the Conveyancing Fees likely to be incurred for a property sale, purchase, remortgage or transfer of equity simply enter the details in our Conveyancing Fees Calculator below. Try to provide all the required information, it will help to ensure the accuracy of the estimate for your conveyancing fees.

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Conveyancing Fees - Conveyancing Solicitor's Fees

Conveyancing Fees consist of conveyancing solicitor’s fees for dealing with the conveyancing matter and Disbursements. The solicitor’s conveyancing fees are the legal costs charged by the conveyancing solicitors or licensed conveyancers.  The conveyancing solicitor’s fees will normally attract vat at the current rate. 
The easiest way to understand solicitor’s conveyancing fees is to think of them as the "labour costs" of the conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers.

Conveyancing Fees Disbursements

Conveyancing Fees will also include Disbursements. Disbursements are costs incurred during the course of the conveyancing process by the conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers with third parties. Disbursements are normally paid for in exchange for information (such as "searches"), documentation (such as copies of Deeds required from the Land Registry or Local Council) or to Government Departments such as the Land Registry (for registering a property in a buyers name) or the Inland Revenue (for payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax). 
Disbursements should be clearly shown in any conveyancing fees estimate as separate items from the solicitors legal fees.  The easiest way to think about the Disbursements are as the "parts" required by the conveyancing solicitors to complete the conveyancing process for you. 
If you require further explanation of the disbursements listed on your conveyancing fees estimate please use our conveyancing glossary which includes explanations of all the disbursements.

Conveyancing Fees Estimate

Our Conveyancing Fees Estimate includes the legal fees charged by us for dealing with the conveyancing transaction, vat and applicable disbursements, all shown separately.  Our Conveyancing Fees Estimate for property sales and purchases assumes an acceptable Home Information Pack for the property will be supplied to us during the course of the conveyancing transaction by the home buyer, seller or estate agent.  Our conveyancing fees estimate includes our legal fees, vat all the usually disbursements payable in the case of a straight forward conveyancing transaction.  Each conveyancing transaction is unique and may involve complications (such as defects in title) which could lead to additional disbursements or legal work being required.   You should always allow a little extra in your budget to cover such eventualities should they arise as they may affect the total cost of your conveyancing fees.

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