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A Sale Conveyancing quote normally includes legal fees and disbursements. Legal fees are the charges made by your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers for carrying out the legal conveyancing work required during the course of the conveyancing when selling a property. The legal Fees paid to the conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers should be considered as "labour costs" and will usually attract vat at the current prescribed rate.

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Disbursements for Selling a Property - Third Party Costs

A sale conveyancing quote may also include disbursements. Since the advent of Home Information Packs disbursements when selling a property may not be required. This is because often the information required is contained within the Home Information Pack. Additional disbursements could arise in a sale conveyancing transaction that could not be envisaged at the outset of selling the property. For example, the buyer's conveyancing solicitors may consider the sale property to have a defect in title and request that the sellers fund the cost of an indemnity policy to remedy the defect.  Such fees would not be included in a Conveyancing Quote for your sale.

Leasehold property sales will often incur additional disbursements (in addition to extra legal fees) payable to the Landlord or Management Company.  This should be borne in mind when obtaining a conveyancing quote. You can check directly with your landlord or management company to obtain details of any fees they charge.

Selling a Property - Comparing A Conveyancing Quote

It can be difficult to compare a conveyancing quote for your sale. Often, different conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers may include different things in a conveyancing quote. The conveyancing quote obtained for your sale may include dealing with your current mortgage (where applicable) or not, depending upon the provider of the conveyancing quote. It is therefore important to check what is and what is not included.

Remember, all Solicitors conveyancing quotes whether obtained online or offline may not be comparable on a like for like basis.

Fixed fee conveyancing quotes for your property sale will not guarantee that the conveyancing fees payable by you at the end of the sale will not be more than those included in the sale property conveyancing quote given at the outset. For example, should additional documentation be required by the buyers conveyancing solicitors that you do not have, it may that additional costs are charged in order obtain the required information.

Evolved Conveyancing Quotes

Evolved Conveyancing quotes for selling a property are as accurate as possible. Evolved Conveyancing is a specialist conveyancing service. We carry out a large percentage of our conveyancing work online for clients that require a more efficient conveyancing service. We always strive ensure your conveyancing legal fees are kept at the lowest level however the unpredictable nature of conveyancing means we cannot guarantee that additional costs will not arise during the course of the conveyancing process for selling your property. Our conveyancing quotes for selling your property are given as conveyancing fees estimates and applies equally to our conveyancing solicitors legal fees and disbursements.  You can obtain a sale property solicitors conveyancing quote online here on our website.

Please note, we do not try to confuse or hide additional costs from you.  On average we find our conveyancing clients selling a property usually pay approximately £350 for the conveyancers legal fees.

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