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Conveyancing quotes consist of both legal fees and disbursements. The legal fees are the amount charged by your chosen conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers to carry out the legal conveyancing work in relation to a sale, purchase, remortgage or transfer of equity transaction and are in effect the conveyancers "labour costs". The legal fees charged will normally attract vat.

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Conveyancing quotes also include Disbursements. Disbursements are third party costs (not your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers legal fees) and will usually include costs paid to the Land Registry, Local Authority and other government departments and organisations. Most disbursements attracted during conveyancing transactions amount to various government fees such as the Land Registration Fee or for house purchases over the current threshold, Stamp Duty Land Tax payable to the Inland Revenue.

Comparing Conveyancing Quotes

Comparing Solicitors Conveyancing Quotes can be a tricky business as there are now many different types of business competing for the conveyancing work available. With the dawn of the internet individuals looking for conveyancing services are turning to solicitors conveyancing quotes online to provide conveyancing fees information and obtain legal conveyancing services.

Conveyancing providers on the internet are not always conveyancing solicitors or licensed conveyancing firms but also include price comparison websites, legal services brokers and consumer websites who often provide several conveyancing quotes at once for comparison purposes. Some offer "fixed fees" whilst others opt for "costs estimates". Some solicitors conveyancing quotes online are provided via third party broker websites and include a basic legal fee only with additional legal fees and disbursements payable, that may not become apparent until much later in the conveyancing transaction.

Unfortunately not all conveyancing quotes will be given on a like for like basis and therefore simple comparison is not always possible in order to find the conveyancing quote that offers the best value for money whilst not compromising on service levels.

You should of course bear in mind that you do actually want to move (or complete the conveyancing matter) and in the longer term delays in the conveyancing being processed could in fact end up costing more than any saving you feel you have achieved by going with the cheapest conveyancing quote you can find.

Further difficulties in comparing conveyancing quotes can arise as conveyancing is unfortunately not always a simple, straightforward procedure. Every conveyancing transaction is as unique as the individual involved in it and will entail its own particular requirements. Additional costs could always arise during the conveyancing process and as such any fixed fee conveyancing quote obtained could still lead to payment of additional costs not known about or envisaged at the outset.

For example, often, when selling a property, seller's may be asked to contribute to or pay for an indemnity policy due to defects in title or lack of documentary evidence relating to a particular issue with the sale property which will lead to increased conveyancing costs. When buying a property, a purchaser may require additional searches to be undertaken either for their own information or in order to comply with their mortgage lenders instructions, again this would entail additional costs, not catered for on the original conveyancing quotes given.

Evolved Conveyancing Quotes

Evolved conveyancing quotes include all the major costs associated with a sale, purchase, remortgage or transfer of equity conveyancing transaction. We are a specialist firm of conveyancing solicitors and employ only experienced conveyancers. We do not pass work to third parties. We always work hard to keep our conveyancing legal fees at the lowest cost and greatest value for money but as conveyancing transactions can be notoriously unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that additional costs will not arise during the course of the conveyancing process. Our conveyancing quotes are costs estimates both in terms of our conveyancing solicitors legal fees and the quoted disbursements.

We are not trying to hide additional costs from you and do not wish to mislead. We find that on average our clients pay approximately £350 for our legal fees in addition to any disbursements attracted during the course of the conveyancing process. You should take this into account when choosing to instruct a conveyancer or firm of conveyancing solicitors.

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Conveyancing Costs and Fees

Conveyancing Costs and Fees including what to look for in a conveyancing quote, how to compare conveyancing quotes, why legal fees may vary, plus full explanations of legal fees and disbursements are covered in our sections on Conveyancing Fees and Conveyancing Costs. 

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