Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing Services are usually required when a property including a house or flat, or land is sold, bought, transferred or financed (mortgaged).

Most Conveyancing Services in the UK are provided by Conveyancing Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers (specialist property lawyers).

The range of Conveyancing Services providers spans large specialised Conveyancing Solicitors firms and Licensed Conveyancing Practices right down to small, high street one person solicitors firms (however, the latter is becoming rarer as mortgage lenders requirements change).

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Online Conveyancing Services

Online Conveyancing Services are now beginning to emerge as the internet reaches more and more homes. Currently, the majority of Conveyancing Solicitors advertising online do not really provide an online conveyancing service, carrying out most of the legal conveyancing work by post. 

Some Conveyancing Solicitors, such as ourselves, are now taking Online Conveyancing Services forward by providing conveyancing clients with Online Conveyancing Case Tracking Facilities and legal reports, documents and communications sent by email.

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Online Conveyancing Services Quotes can be obtained from Conveyancing Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers own web sites or from conveyancing quote comparison sites (legal services brokers).

Conveyancing Services - What type of Conveyancing Service is right for me?

Choosing a Conveyancing Service

Conveyancing Services are often sold to home buyers and property sellers by Estate Agents.  Some people choose to go to a high street solicitor they may have dealt with before, whereas others choose to look at what’s on offer online.  What kind of conveyancing services is right for you will depend on your priorities.  When choosing conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers to provider conveyancing services you should consider your requirements in regard to:

  • The Cost of Conveyancing - usually conveyancing solicitors recommended by estate agents or mortgage brokers will be most costly, online conveyancing solicitors least expensive and high street solicitors usually fall somewhere in between.
  • Communication - as a general rule conveyancers recommended by estate agents and mortgage brokers may communicate well with their referrers but do not always their conveyancing clients, high street solicitors generally operate on a traditional basis and will send letters and reports by post to clients and you may speak with secretaries and online conveyancing solicitors tend to use email, mobile phone text messages and telephone calls along with case tracking facilities to communicate with conveyancing clients.
  • Service and Efficiency - The standard of service provided by Conveyancing Services providers also varies.  Often high street solicitors practices tending to use traditional methods tend to be slower, whilst conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors recommended by estate agents can concentrate on serving the referrers requirements in relation to service to the detriment of the actual client care.  Good quality Online Conveyancing Services are often quick and efficient as not only are clients communicated with efficiently but often other electronic services are employed during the conveyancing process and as instructions are received direct do not have referrers to keep happy in addition to the client.

Conveyancing Services vary, from provider to provider and dependent on the methods they choose to carry out their legal conveyancing work.  You should make sure you are comfortable with the conveyancing solicitors you choose.  Consideration of Conveyancing Costs, communication and service is the key to obtaining a conveyancing service to suit you.

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