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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay anything up front?

Yes, but the amount will depend on the particular requirements of your conveyancing transaction. Please contact us if you require further information. In any event full details will be set out in the initial paperwork sent to you once you have instructed us.

How much will I pay if my sale/purchase does not complete?

If you have chosen to purchase our NO LEGAL FEES indemnity you will not pay any additional legal costs, no matter how much work we have undertaken on your behalf if you sale/purchase or new mortgage does not complete, although you may be charged for any disbursements incurred, not paid for on account (such as searches, or copy document charges). If, on the otherhand you have chosen not to guarantee yourself NO LEGAL FEES, you will be charged an applicable amount as to the work done on your behalf, the minimum sum being 85.00 plus vat, once we have received your written instructions, up to the maximum amount of our total fees (including any additional fees your transaction may attract) as set out in our client care letter. We strongly recommend, in today's changeable market, that you purchase our NO LEGAL FEES indemnity to ensure you are not out of pocket should your conveyancing transaction fail.

When do I pay the deposit on my purchase and who do I pay it to?

You will pay the deposit for your purchase to us. We will pass it to the solicitor acting for the seller of the property on exchange of contracts. We will need the money from you in cleared funds a day or so prior to exchange and in practice we will ask you for the deposit in plenty of time to enable exchange of contracts to take place.

I do not live near to your office. Is this a problem? Can you still act for me?

We have clients all over England and Wales. We deal with all our clients, whether they are local or further away, in the same way. We forward as much information as is possible by e-mail and deal with matters by post, telephone and e-mail as our clients tell us this is more convenient for them. We are happy to see clients in person and whilst this is easier for a local client to do in reality few people want to take time off work in order to sign documents or read through papers that can easily be done at home, at your convenience. Any questions you have regarding the contents of any documents or the signing of documents can normally be dealt with over the phone or by e-mail with little fuss.

I need to pass your details to my estate agent and financial advisor. Where can I find them?

If you look at our about us page you will find our details. Please tell your estate agent and financial advisor that abt law are the solicitors acting on your behalf. E-volved Conveyancing is the online conveyancing service of abt law.

If you prefer, we will contact your estate agent on your behalf. Please e-mail your conveyancer with their contact details.

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