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You may have seen or read about Home Information Packs, HIPs or Sellers Packs in the media or on the internet but how much do you know about them? The aim of a pack is to speed up the conveyancing process and reduce the risk of a transaction falling through. Information relevant to the buyer is accessible right at the beginning of the matter, rather than part way through. This is only half of the story as the HIP on its own will not ensure a smooth and problem free transaction. You should ensure that you instruct a competent, experienced solicitor to deal with the transaction for you. Please see our Tips for an Easy Move for more information.

We have set out below frequently asked questions about HIPs and there are links to useful resources to provide further information. Whilst we hope you will find these pages useful if you have any questions or would like to discuss your HIPs requirements please do not hesitate to call us on FREEPHONE 0800 970 2307 or Request a Callback.

Do I need a HIP?

If you are selling your property then generally you will need a HIP. There are some exceptions, for example if it is a private sale (where the property is not marketed), when you will not need a HIP but if you are in any doubt please contact us for advice.

Our Home Information Packs

In order to offer the most comprehensive service to our conveyancing clients we offer HIPs when instructed in connection with the conveyancing for the sale of the property. The Home Information packs we supply are produced by a company called PSG who subscribe to the HIP Code and whose packs are fully compliant. We have found them to offer a consistent level of quality, service and price.

How much will my HIP cost?

Freehold Property - 295 fully inclusive of VAT

Leasehold Property - 315 fully inclusive of VAT - (additional cost of 20 for an Official Copy Lease issued by the Land Registry).

Please note we do not add any charges to the home information pack and charge the amount it costs to us. saving you money!!

Who will prepare the HIP?

If you wanted to you could produce the HIP yourself however as most people as unsure as to what is required to be contained most people wish to have the HIP produced for them. We instruct a company called PSG to produce the HIP for our clients. PSG subscribe to the HIPs Code and all their Home Information Packs are fully HIP Code Compliant. We have found them to be fast, efficient and reliable and offer nationwide service at a consistent quality and price.

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