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HIPS - Cost and Guide

What is in a HIP?

A HIP contains a number of documents. Some of the documents must be in the pack (Required Documents). Others are not compulsory but may be included (Authorised Documents) and therefore you may include them if you wish. The inclusion of these documents may enable time savings later in the transaction and so please do not hesitate discussing with us the pros and cons of including such documents.

Required Documents are:

  • An index of the contents of the pack
  • Sale Statement (which will summarise the terms of the sale)
  • Evidence of Title to the property
  • Standard Searches (which will be the local search and the water and drainage search)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (also referred to as the “EPC”)
  • If the property is leasehold the pack will also contain a copy of the lease and leasehold information, for example details of service charges and the landlord’s name and address.
  • If the property is commonhold certain documents will also be included which are similar to those required for a leasehold property

Authorised Documents are:

  • A Home Condition Report
  • Additional searches, for example an environmental search or (if the property is in an area of coal mining) a coal mining report.
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Home Contents Form

The government has produced a leaflet advising what you should look for in a HIP and this can be viewed by clicking on the following link - What to look for in your Home Information Pack

What will the HIP look like?

Because the content of a HIP is, in part, prescribed your HIP will resemble the sample pack which has been provided by the government on their Home Information Pack website. The sample pack can be viewed by clicking on the following link - Sample Home Information Pack

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