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HIPS - Cost and Guide

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

The EPC contains an energy rating for your home indicating how energy efficient it is on a scale of A to G, where A is the most efficient. The scale looks the same as the stickers you see on the front of fridges and other household appliances in electrical stores. It will outline the estimated costs for heating and lighting the property and for providing hot water. It will also contain practical advice on how to reduce these costs and carbon emissions.

Do I need a solicitor to produce a HIP?

No, you don’t. If you wanted to you could produce the HIP yourself however as most of the documents in a HIP are legal in nature we are well placed to put the pack together quickly and efficiently. Anyway, if you sign up to our Fee Free HIP scheme we will not charge you to compile the HIP so why go to the hassle? We adopt a flexible approach and if you wish to source any element of the HIP yourself (for example the EPC) we will incorporate this into the HIP upon receipt. Please contact us or request a callback to discuss this further.

When can I market my property for sale?

Until ** December 2008 you can market your property for sale once the Required Documents for the HIP have been ordered. You do not need to wait until the Required Documents are ready but you are obliged to obtain them as soon as possible and the HIP must be provided to potential buyers once the EPC has been received.

After ** December 2008 the Government will issue further guidance.

For how long will the HIP be valid?

The HIP will be valid for as long as the property is marketed. The regulations governing the production of Home Information Packs provide that certain documents within the HIP must be produced within certain time limits prior to marketing the property. The documents which are evidence of title and the searches cannot be more than 3 months old when a property is first marketed and the EPC cannot be more than 1 year old. Accordingly you could not use the searches from when you bought, unless of course they are less than 3 months old when you market the property. The regulations also make provision for a period where the property might be taken off the market (for example if the property is under offer). The property can be remarketed using the same HIP provided remarketing takes place within 1 year of it first being marketed. The searches in the HIP are valid for only 6 months but the regulations make no provision for them to be renewed.

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