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HIPS - Cost and Guide

What if I need a HIP but do not get one? Is there a penalty?

If you need a HIP your estate agent will not market the property without one as they will be in breach of the rules. If you require a HIP and market the property yourself rather than through an agent you will be in breach of the rules. Local Authorities are responsible for enforcing the regulations and if there is a breach the penalty is a £200 fine, though they may give advice or a warning to begin with.

Beware the Free HIP

Some conveyancing solicitors, conveyancing service providers and estate agents are offering so called "Free Home Infomation Packs". Unfortunately with the constiuent parts of the home information packs currently costing, on average, 250.00 plus, we are, unsurprisingly, skeptical of such offers. Some Home Information Packs are not compliant with the legislation with buyer's solicitors refusing to accept them, and many estate agents offering free HIPs are upping their agency fees to cover the cost of these. It is often the case that either you may end up paying far more in the long run as a new pack may need to be commissioned and indeed paid for causing delays in the conveyancing process or find that if you choose to move estage agents, you do not own the pack that has been prepared on your behalf, resulting again in having to commission a new Home Information Pack. In some instances the free HIP comes with "strings attached" in that you must use the agents recommended solicitors, with much higher fees than you would wish to pay. As with any offer that appears too good to be true, we strongly recommend you carefully investigate the terms and conditions (small print) with such offers and ensure what is described as "free" really is "free".

Where can I get more information?

If you have any specific enquiries we are more than happy to discuss these with you. To contact us please see out contact us page.

Alternatively you may wish to look at one of the links set out below:

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