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Notes on Disbursements

Search Costs
Please note until we receive full details of your purchase property we will be unable to provide the exact costs of your local authority, water and drainage, environmental and other searches you may require.  The exact costs will be confirmed in our initial contact with you.
Stamp Duty Land Tax
This is a government tax and is payable to the Inland Revenue on completion.  If your purchase price is less than £125000.00 or exempt under the Inland Revenue rules you will not have to pay stamp duty.  Check here “is my property is exempt?”
Land Registry Entries and Documents

Copies of registered property title information, filed documents and filed plans will be obtained from the Land Registry when required in order to process your conveyancing.  Costs of filed entries and plans cost £3.00 and costs for copy documents range from £3.00 and £20.00.  We will only obtain necessary copy documents via our direct electronic link with the Land Registry.

Other Disbursements
If you are purchasing or selling a leasehold property or a property levied with a service charge fees may be charged by the landlord, management company, or other party for supplying information or documents required to complete your matter.  We will not know whether this will apply in each case until full details of the property and transaction are received.

Additional Fees

We aim to be upfront and honest in our quotation. The fee quoted above is for acting on your behalf in a standard freehold sale or purchase residential conveyancing matter.  Our fee structure has been designed to keep costs low and so that you pay only for the actual work required in order to complete your matter.  As property specialists we provide a full range of conveyancing services. A note of our charges for additional work which may be required on your matter is set out below. The list is not exhaustive. We are not able at this stage to advise whether any of these additional fees will apply. If you have any queries in this regard please raise them with your conveyancer during your initial conversation. All fees are subject to VAT at the rate of 15%.

Bank Transfer Fee 39.00
Required to discharge a mortgage on a sale or pay for your property on completion of your purchase
Electronic ID search (per person) 10.00
This is undertaken in order to independently check your identity and assist with money laundering requirements
Leasehold Fee 105.00
If your property is subject to a lease
Management Company Fee 95.00
If we are required to deal with a management company
Newbuild Property Fee 150.00
A transaction where the property being bought is brand new is more time consuming due to additional paperwork and procedures. This is reflected in the fee.
Purchase Mortgage Lender Fee (est) 115.00
Charged at the amount detailed by your lender normally contained in your mortgage offer (if not our standard fee will apply)
Sale Mortgage Lender Fee (per mortgage or loan) 105.00
Required to discharge a mortgage or secured loan on your sale property
SDLT Form Fee 65.00
We will, on your behalf, complete and submit to HM Revenue and Customs the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return form. The submission of this form on a sale is not required.
Shared Ownership Property 250.00
A transaction which involves a shared equity element is more time consuming due to additional paperwork and procedures. This is reflected in the fee.
Unregistered Property Fee 115.00
A transaction where the property is not already registered at HM Land Registry is more time consuming due to additional paperwork and procedures. This is reflected in the fee.

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