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Terms and Conditions

Other Disbursements - If you are purchasing or selling a leasehold property or a property levied with a service charge fees may be charged by the landlord, management company, or other party for supplying information or documents required to complete your matter. We will not know whether this will apply in each case until full details of the property and transaction are received.

Please note our quote is given for the purchase of the whole of a registered freehold property located within England and Wales and given on the basis of the information supplied by you.

If the property is unregistered an additional cost of 100 will be applied to your bill. If you are purchasing a share only of the property please contact us for a full quotation.

Documents by e-mail - We will endeavour to send as much as possible of the documentation required to progress your matter by e-mail however some documents may require posting to you e.g. the mortgage deed if your lender requires their original deed to be signed, large plans when purchasing a new build property etc. We strongly encourage our clients to accept documents and reports by e-mail. This is to ensure speed and efficiency and to cut down on costs and the environmental damage caused by excess paper document production and carbon emissions incurred in delivery. By instructing us to act you confirm that e-mail is your preferred method of communication and unless you state otherwise that you will accept delivery of documents and updates by e-mail. Further you acknowledge the unsecure nature of e-mail and the possibility of interception of the e-mail. We advise that you do not send any sensitive information, such as bank account details, by e-mail. If you choose to do so it is at your own risk. Communications sent to you in error must be returned by you and deleted from your computer.

Our Service Commitment - we will endeavour to ensure you receive continuity of service by providing you with one named conveyancer from start to finish. There may be occasions such as staff leave or illness when this is not possible. On such occasions your matter will be dealt with by another suitably qualified and experienced conveyancer. We will advise you immediately if this is necessary.

Late telephone appointments with your conveyancer - telephone appointments will be required to be booked with your conveyancer and are subject to available time slots. We will always endeavour to fit in with your requirements and arrange calls to suit you.

Quotes and fixed fees - fees quoted are based on a standard residential conveyancing transaction and additional supplementary fees will be charged depending on your individual matter. By confirming your instructions for us to act on your behalf you agree to our fees being charged on this basis. All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate of 17.5%

Limitation of Liability - In no event will E-volved Conveyancing or abt law be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever whether direct or indirect, special, economic or consequential or otherwise or loss or corruption of data howsoever arising, incurred or suffered by you from the access to this website and use thereof whether caused by negligence or otherwise or whether or not E-volved Conveyancing and abt law were aware or should have been aware of the possibility of such loss or damage.

Freephone Number - Calls to the Freephone number are free from a BT landline. Calls from a non-BT landline, mobile phone or other source may be charged by your service provider.

Conveyancing services offered on this website apply only to properties within England and Wales.

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