Evolved Conveyancing

Tips for an Easy Move

If you are buying a property

Ensure your deposit is available and ready for use and that your mortgage application is being processed without any delays.

Make sure your buildings insurance is in place by the completion date

Please also ensure that you have passed the details onto your conveyancer. Your conveyancer cannot arrange completion without these details. Make sure you obtain several quotes before choose your insurer

Keep yourself informed and up to date

Use our Guide to Conveyancing to ensure you know where you are up to – its free and there for your information!

We have gathered together some useful independent links to aid you in your search for a good Conveyancing solicitor and to give you more general information about the buying and selling process. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for their content or advice:

  • Tips from the BBC website
  • Tips from the www.direct.gov.uk
  • Tips from 4homes
  • Tips from Ciitizen's Advice
  • Tips from landregistry.gov.uk

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